Welcome to PlayKrown Entertainment

PlayKrown is an independent and professional entertainment and events organisation bureau based in the United Kingdom, which specialises in organising club nights, concerts and showcases to cater to your explicit wishes.

♛ ♕ Vision ♚ ♔

China is harnessing an increasingly prominent role in the world. There are now increasing opportunities for China and Europe to collaborate with each other in the areas of economy, culture, politic and tourism due to the exponential rise of the Chinese economy. There is also an increasing need from the Western society to understand the diversity and beauty of the Chinese culture. Chinese entertainment shall form an important bridge to reinforce the relationship between both parties.

♛ ♕ Mission ♚ ♔

PlayKrown’s mission is to constitute professionally organized and distinctive entertainment shows and events. We are also dedicated to discovering and uniting brilliant young talents from America, Europe and Asia.

Through the major events that we organise it offers the youths across the globe a chance to showcase their talents; we are also successful in uniting the diverse Oriental communities living in the UK.

♛ ♕ Value ♚ ♔

Our extensive entertainment network in the UK ensures the quality and professionalism of our entertainment programs. PlayKrown has an experienced and highly creative team to organise and deliver the most spectacular and tailor-made events and entertainment to cater to your very wishes!